Ryan Goggins Gets “Drilled” In Sun-Sentinel

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You know you’ve really made it when…

Ryan Goggins, a leasing assistant at the Miranar Park of Commerce, was recently interviewed by Cindy Kent of the Sun-Sentinel.

The story reads:

Ryan Goggins, a leasing assistant at the Miramar Park of Commerce, credits his father with introducing him to real estate.

In college, Goggins majored in finance and real estate, and held a variety of internships within the industry.

Getting an education, work experience and developing contacts helped to make him hirable after graduation, Goggins says.

As the initial point of contact for leasing transactions, Goggins creates first impressions and helps to forge lasting relationships through strong customer service skills. He coordinates showing the property and prepares proposals and lease documents. Goggins also participates in negotiations and assists with the business park’s marketing efforts.

Before joining the Miramar Park of Commerce two years ago, Goggins was an acquisition and development associate with J.W. Harris and Company.

Details: Sunbeam Properties Inc., developer of the Miramar Park of Commerce, 10212 USA Today Way, Miramar, FL 33025. Phone: 954-450-7900

The drill-down:

Why are you a good fit for this job? I have a well balanced real estate background. I have held positions in development, finance, property management and residential and commercial leasing. I think this balance has developed my understanding of a company’s real estate needs.

This is a tough time for companies who might pull back on distribution sites, satellite offices and branches. We realize that our tenants’ needs are constantly changing, and we view our relationships with tenants as a partnership and work with them to create mutually beneficial long term partnerships.

What is the typical length of occupancy for a tenant, and how do you prepare for that cycle of renewals and getting new tenants?The typical lease term in the Miramar Park of Commerce is five years. Most of our business comes from servicing our current tenants. We maintain regular contact with them and build long-term relationships. Sunbeam’s ownership of approximately 4.5 million square feet within the park allows us to accommodate changing needs and retain tenants. The brokerage community is an invaluable source of new tenants: they serve as our eyes and ears in the market. Networking at industry events is critical to developing and maintaining these relationships.

What is the aspect to working in South Florida that sets you apart from your counterparts around the rest of the country? Two important factors that set us apart is our position as the Gateway to the Americas; and our high barriers to entry in the real estate market. With our location in proximity to the Americas and our large Latin population, South Florida is able to play the predominate role in trade to Central and South America. Having the Everglades and Atlantic Ocean as two physical barriers, development is constrained which strengthens our market for developers.

How do you parlay those factors into the business? We promote our proximity to the Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports and ports which is something that companies from, or working in, Central and South America look for when they are deciding on an office or warehouse location.

From the perspective of your industry, what fixes would you make to improve the local economy, and in turn, your industry? Florida must strive for a more diversified economy. Our industry will improve through an increase in manufacturing jobs and we have an opportunity to attract additional bio-medical and health care companies to the South Florida region. At the park we lease more than a million square feet of space to health care and pharmaceutical companies. Diversification and growth can be accomplished through legislation to make the state more business friendly.

What is the best advice you ever received? Measure twice, cut once. I try to be as thorough as possible to avoid mistakes.

Great article.  But the comments following the article are definitely worth a look-see.  Click on the Sun-Sentinel link below to view them.

Source:  Sun-Sentinel

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