October Meeting Follow-Up – Sales Tax Update

Written by on October 22, 2018 in Prior Events - 1 Comment

Thanks to Adele Stone and Eric Rapkin for another great session and to Sandra Anderson, Elizabeth Jimenez, JLL and Ivy Realty for hosting. Adele wanted to clarify the issue of how the penny surtax in Broward would affect sales tax on commercial rents – here is her response:

SFOBA Members
I want to clarify what was discussed at the SFOBA meeting on Wednesday, October 17th with respect to the 1 penny transportation surtax which is on the upcoming ballot. The fact is that although the 1 penny transportation surtax on the ballot is not tied to the state sales tax (or subject to the same reductions in same), if passed it will be classified as a surtax and surtaxes are paid on commercial rents. The ballot doesn’t indicate any exclusions on the goods and services subject to same.  

This information is being sent for the SFOBA group to know about this if this would be a consideration for them in voting.

 Great event and great turnout!  Good seeing everyone  and thank you for inviting us to participate once again this year.
– Adele Stone

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One Comment on "October Meeting Follow-Up – Sales Tax Update"

  1. Robin Robins October 23, 2018 at 7:08 pm · Reply

    Thank you to all for a very informative meeting. Another question came up that I would like to get clarification on if possible on witnessing – can you have two names on one line (such as two guarantors or two names on behalf of landlord) and one set of witnesses for both names or do you have to separate each name?

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