Corporate Center Has New Representation…Again.

Written by on February 1, 2012 in News - 1 Comment

Not only are local brokers playing musical chairs.  It seems as though Cabot is also in on the game with the leasing representation of Corporate Center.

Now that Mike Wilson has departed Grubb & Ellis and joined CBRE, Robert McCullough has officially taken over the leasing assignment at Corporate Center.

If you recall, Mike Wilson had been awarded the assignment after Deanna Lobinsky and her team pulled out of their leasing representation agreement with Corporate Center in September, along with all of their other Cabot assignments.

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One Comment on "Corporate Center Has New Representation…Again."

  1. Robert McCullough February 1, 2012 at 9:40 pm · Reply

    YES it is true! I have been handed the keys to Corporate Center and do very much welcome the opportunity to be of service to CABOT.

    This is one broker who will do his best to “assure” all brokers are treated with the utmost respect and follow up, and most importantly, will do his best to assure ALL BROKERS GET PAID!

    Robert H. McCullough
    Vice President
    Grubb and Ellis Company

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